Being a woman is a glorious journey and once you become aware of what happens to your body and mind each month, you will begin to envisage a beautiful constant cycle where you can learn, plan and manage how to become the best version of you.


The awareness icon links you to a variety of icons that you can use to navigate the system. You can set your notifications, read the tutorial, connect with Facebook, find our web site, read our terms and conditions and connect with our support group.


Daily food suggestions have been provided to support you through your monthly cycle.Your moods may improve if you choose the right foods. Our food guide has been lovingly created by Sally Marchini, Accredited Practising Dietitian.

The Moon’s Impact

Meteorites have a huge impact on the Moon by creating huge scars called craters. We also have the ability to impact on others and create scars with our words and actions.


Angelique Pratten has provided six loving guided meditations for you to listen to each day. they are simple yet dynamic and take less than eight minutes. Take the time to meditate each day and notice the difference.

Record Your Cycle

Here’s where the magic happens. Psychologists recommend tracking your moods every day for a few months and then overlying those results on a female hormonal chart. Our in-built hormonal chart and emotional tracker will do this for you.

Star Sign

Our Star Sign messages add another layer of learning for you from an astrological point of view. Your star sign profile has certain personality traits that are reflected in the sayings to provide you with a more personalised message.

Created with intention, to raise awareness of the hidden and bring to light patterns of behaviour that can be observed, transformed and if required, let go.

You are the Empress of your life.

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